A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a hunt. The remaining 50% is due upon arrival and must be paid before the hunt begins. The liability and press release form must be completely filled out before the hunt begins.

Hunters must check into the ranch between 12-3 PM.

Those who show up after 3 PM will not be allowed to hunt that evening.

Hunting “days” begin at noon and end at noon the proceeding day.

Hunters must check-out of the ranch before departing.


Hunters must follow all rules at the Walking Cane Ranch and have a valid Texas hunting license. No tags are required; the Walking Cane provides MLD tags for white-tailed deer.

The ranch is currently on the MLD program, which means no antler restrictions but age restrictions do apply.

Hunters must cooperate with Landlord and Texas Parks & Wildlife Management Plan by recording all deer by sex, age, weight (field dressed), and antler measurement data on each deer killed and comply with the provisions of the MLD Permit Program, of TXPW.


Hunters must practice ethical hunting practices.

Bow hunters must have a draw weight of 40+ lb.

Rifles must be zeroed in before the hunt begins. A guide will assist you with this task.

Hunt and shoot game only in the manner and at such times as is permitted under applicable Texas and federal laws.

The Walking Cane makes no guarantees of harvest.

If a shot is taken, and animal is wounded (blood evident), the obligation of the Walking Cane has been met.

Only mature bucks must be harvested. A guide will assist you in aging your deer. The first hunt will be guided. If the hunter is able to accurately age the animal, they may be allowed to hunt independently.

Hunter will be financially responsible for replacing any livestock injured by said hunter or said hunter's equipment.

Hunter will be financially responsible for repairing any damages incurred by said hunter or said hunter's equipment to the property of the Walking Cane.



We require that all guests keep the premises free of litter including paper, cans, bottles, shotgun shell hulls, toilet paper, cigarette butts and all other items brought onto the Premises by hunter or any person permitted to enter the Premises. All such items shall be removed and disposed of off the Premises in a lawful way.

We require that all guests operate vehicles on the Premises in a manner that will not damage existing roads, trails, or vegetation.

No dogs may be used for hunting. Exceptions apply for dogs retrieving downed birds.



No hunter shall to be allowed to:


Leave open a gate found closed or close a gate found open.

Shoot a firearm from a vehicle.

Fire rifles or other firearms in the direction of any house, barn, livestock, or other improvement or across any property boundary of the Land.

Abuse existing roads on the Land by use of vehicles during wet or damp conditions or create new roads. Without prior permission all camps or locations where Hunter drives shall be adjacent to existing roads. Those whose vehicle “gets stuck” will be fined a tow fee to remove said vehicle.

Build or allow fire without acquiring permission from Ranch staff.

Consume alcohol on the premises. If you wish to drink responsibly, Breckenridge offers a selection of establishments.









Physical Address:

16866 HWY 180 E

Caddo, Texas 76429


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 100

Caddo, Texas 76429